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Geocaching and Education

What can I learn from geocaching?

The learning possibilities involved in geocaching are endless. Youíll employ the understanding of latitude, longitude, and other basic geography tools. Youíll learn more about the area in which you live, including places you havenít been before, local history, and more. You will use technology that is fun and useful. Geocaching will exercise your mind and body. If you are between the ages of 4 and 124, youíre certain to learn through geocaching.

What have other students done?

Have a look at this geocaching project by the students at Springhurst school in Kirkland, Washington. Under the leadership of Seth! Leary, this class learned a lot and had fun. Geocaching with Springhurst

Who is Seth! and how what can he do for our class?

Veteran geocacher and educator Seth! Leary lives in Kirkland, Washington and is available to teach a fascinating geocaching unit to your class. Seth! and his geocaching efforts have been featured on Northwest Backroads, Evening Magazine, and in the Seattle PI as well as Seattle Magazine. Seth! is currently teaching his geocaching unit at Spiritridge Elementary in Bellevue. You can read about his other geocaching exploits on his personal site.
If you or your teacher would like to contact Seth!, you may send him an e-mail message.

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