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Where are the geocaches?

All over the world! You can read more about their locations in general on our 'what' page. If you want to find the one that is nearest to you, this is answered more fully on our 'how' page, but the short answer is to do a search on geocaching.com.

Where do I get a GPS receiver?

Getting a GPS receiver is not too tricky, and relatively inexpensive. You can get a nice one for under $120. You can find one at some sporting goods stores. But an easy way to get one is to order it from Amazon.com. The Garmin eTrex pictured at left fits in your hand and is a very nice unit that could be delivered to you in a few days.

Where can I learn more?

You might want to pick up The Complete Guide to Geocaching available on DVD. Brought to you by the folks who bring you geocachingkids.com and Geocaching.com, this is the definitive geocaching program.

Where is geocachingkids.com located?

We are in Kirkland, Washington, specifically at N 47 41.903' W 122 10.333'. If you live in this area, you can arrange to have our expert geocacher do a treasure hunt birthday party for you or teach a geocaching unit to your class.

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