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Volume I - - - - - - - - Issue 3 - - - - - - - - - Spring 1997

welcome to the third issue of SPRINGHURST QUARTERLY. So far we have had a favorable response to this newsletter. If there are any particular topics you would like to see addressed, please let us know. As always, we gladly welcome your comments, suggestions, or ideas. -ed.

Open House and Enrollment

we've hung out our shingle and held our first open house. The school is really taking shape. If you'd like to visit, we will be having our next open house on Saturday, March 29 from 11:00 to 3:00. In case you are unable to attend, you are welcome to make an appointment to stop by and see the facility. Contact us via e-mail.

The enrollment process is underway and we would like to have applications submitted by the end of March or early April. An interview will be scheduled shortly after the application is received. If you need an application, it can be sent to you right away. One application per child is required. The following paragraph is taken from the recently revised Application Packet:

Springhurst enrollment is open to children between and inclusive of the ages 3 to 8 years (third grade). Because Springhurst is a school for the gifted, it is important that there be a good match between the child and the school. In order to ensure this, the application packet will be reviewed by the Director and an interview scheduled for prospective students and parents.

Summer Programs

springhurst will have two summer classes. The first class, Live From Mars, will be held Monday through Friday, July 7 through July 18. This class will meet for the morning only. The second class, Amazing Earth, will be held Monday, August 4 through Friday, August 8. This class will meet all day. Both classes will be open to highly capable children ages 5 through 8.

Last year, NASA launched two missions to Mars. The Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft took off in November and will arrive sometime around August to begin an orbital mission that will provide detailed mapping and weather information. The Mars Pathfinder spacecraft launched in December and will land on the Red Planet on approximately July 4, 1997. We plan to hold a special pre-class session to watch the live coverage of the touchdown. Once landed, the mission plan calls for a micro-rover named Sojourner to begin wandering the Martian terrain, returning a wealth of new science data. Our class will use a variety of sources (including hands-on experiments, correspondence with NASA, and Internet resources) to learn more about Mars, Earth, and the sciences.

Participants in the Amazing Earth class will study Earth as a system of systems. Using local resources as nearby as the school yard and the adjacent greenbelt, we will explore a variety of life forms and their relationships. Each student will construct a model biome as we study populations, food chains, and other elements of the biosphere. Like the Live From Mars class, Amazing Earth will also use hands-on experiments and communication with scientists from around the country. We may also make a trip to the Woodland Park Zoo.

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