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Volume I - - - - - - - - Issue 4 - - - - - - - - - Summer 1997

welcome to the fourth issue of SPRINGHURST QUARTERLY. I've been writing this for about a year now and would like to thank those who have provided support. If there are any particular topics you would like to see addressed, please let us know. As always, we gladly welcome your comments, suggestions, or ideas. -ed.

The Art Part

our first summer program was a pleasure and a success. In the spring issue of our newsletter, we reported that there would be two summer programs but since its publication we added another one -- The Art Part. Our fun little group met each morning for a week, June 23 through June 27. The students and teachers had a great time exploring a variety of visual art media. Each day the children painted and drew. We learned about potters, painters, and sculptors like Louise Nevelson and Simon Rodia. On Tuesday, everyone made a plaster casting in sand. We also spent part of our week creating found-object sculpture and working in clay. We all had a lot of fun.

As I write this, the Mars Pathfinder is only five days from its touchdown on Mars. We'll be following the Pathfinder mission in our next class, Live From Mars, which runs for two weeks. The dates for this program are Monday through Friday, July 7 to July 18 and like The Art Part, it meets in the morning only.

The third program, Amazing Earth, will be held August 4 through August 8. This

class will meet all day. Both remaining classes have space available and are open to highly capable children ages 5 through 8.

Books for the Springhurst Library

springhurst is actively working to increase the library collection in time for the 1997-98 school year. Part of this expansion involves the direct purchase of books and other information media. The other part relies on contributions from supporters and profits made on the sale of books. Here is how it works:

Phase One: A local book distributor, Books To You, Inc., has made a generous pricing plan for Springhurst. We will purchase many of our books through them.

Phase Two: Our web site now has a bookstore. This bookstore has an association with Amazon.com. If you order books in our "Amazon aisle" we get a commission.

Phase Three: We have arranged to buy books and educational toys at near-wholesale prices and also offer them for sale, earning a 'commission' for the Springhurst Library.

The "Arrangement": Springhurst director, Seth! Leary, now has a distributorship for both DK Family Learning and DISCOVERY TOYS ®. Each of these firms offers fine books and the latter has a well known line of toys. DK Family Learning is the distributor of exquisite Dorling Kindersley books.

What You Can Do: First, you can offer to purchase a book (or a few!) for the library. We can send you a 'wish list'. Second, you can order books or toys from us. We'd be happy to send you a catalog. Third, you can visit our online bookstore and make purchases there or preview some of the merchandise. The store is on the web at http://www.springhurst.org/bookstore.

Our Goal: We'd like to have 100 additional titles in our library by September first. Thank you for your support!

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