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Volume II - - - - - - - Issue 2 - - - - - - - - Winter 1998

Fossils Visit Springhurst

the University of Washington's Burke Museum just reopened on November 23 after being closed for renovation. Prior to the reopening, our students had the unique opportunity to see, hold, and study part of the museum's fossil collection in our own classroom. As part of our Inside Earth unit, the Burke Museum loaned us several dozen specimens from their dinosaur, paleontology, and geology collections. Most of them were the genuine article. A few, like the Tyrannosaurus rex tooth, were cast replicas of actual fossils. The specimens date from the Pre-Cambrian period (about 570 million years ago) to the age of the dinosaurs or the Mesozoic era (63 - 230 million years ago). The students enjoyed studying the fossils and are looking forward to taking a trip to the Burke Museum later this year.

Adventures in The Field

the students have been on some interesting field trips this year, including a visit to a flight museum and to an art museum.

In October our class took a field trip to the Seattle Museum of Flight. Here we saw some of the world's most awe-inspiring airplanes. Dozens of them were hanging in the Great Gallery, which is beautiful and six stories high. The students got to see a Blackbird spy plane and boarded America's first presidential jet -- the original Air Force One. Most of the aircraft were the real thing but there were a few replicas like the Wright brother's first plane. Part of the museum is in the magnificently restored "Red Barn," birthplace of The Boeing Company. Among our favorite planes was the little red car that could be converted into a plane.

In November we went to the Seattle Art Museum where Leonardo da Vinci's notebook, the Codex Leicester is on exhibition. Since this celebrated Renaissance artist, scientist, and thinker was the consummate gifted person, it only seemed reasonable that our students should see this remarkable work. The codex is owned by local billionaires Bill and Melinda Gates (who shelled out $30.8 million for it) and is on loan to the museum for this exhibit. Entitled Leonardo Lives, the exhibit features da Vinci's 500-year-old illustrations and writings on water, light reflection, celestial bodies, and other scientific phenomena. In addition to da Vinci's Codex Leicester, we saw works by Andy Warhol, Marcel Duchamp, Robert Arneson, and many others. One of our favorite parts was Leonardo's Laboratory. The lab was a hands-on area where we could see and replicate some of Leonardo's experiments. In the museum gift shop we purchased the Leonardo software so we could take part of our experience back to the classroom.

Recent Aquisitions

since the beginning of the school year, Springhurst has continued to expand the resources it has available to students. Here is a partial list of our recent acquisitions: ten educational software programs, a fourth computer, two computer printers including one color printer, over 160 more books, a color scanner, plus jump ropes, handbells, recorders, furniture, and many other curriculum materials.

Linda has been working hard to get our library’s computerized card catalog updated. The recently purchased books have kept her busy but she is nearly done. We are grateful to Linda for her work and to Dr. Joe and Dory Kearney and the Henry family for helping our library continue to grow.

If you would like to support our efforts to expand our library and its resources there are several ways. Bringing us "Box Tops For Education" is one (see our Autumn issue) and Campbell's soup labels is another. All contributions are appreciated

Enrollment for Next Year

now that the new year has arrived it is time to be thinking about enrollment for next school year. We encourage new applicants to request and submit application materials as soon as possible. Students currently enrolled in Springhurst have their places held until mid-April, at which time we need to receive re-enrollment confirmation.

Our current enrollment is students ranging from 5 to 8˝ years in age. Next year we will be increasing the ceiling age to 9+ and plan to include a pre-kindergarten program. Because this year has been so successful we are planning to accept 12 to 16 new students for the 1998-99 school year. Our student to teacher ratio will remain less than 10:1.

Open houses are being scheduled each month through June. The January open house will be held on Saturday, January 17 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. The next open house will be held on Saturday, February 28 during the same hours. For other open house dates, please call us or check our web site.

Although we will be in a new, larger facility next year, visiting us now will give you a good idea of how our school operates. The new building will be open for visits in the summer. In addition to the open houses, parents and students may also visit Springhurst by appointment. Please feel free to telephone us at 425-827-7617 or e-mail us at spring@springhurst.org to set up a visitation time.

Stone Soup Computers

as we get ready for the move to our new location, we are making plans for a new computer lab. Springhurst uses primarily a PC/Windows platform and would like to expand our computer facilities. Our best chance of accomplishing this is through donated computers and computer parts. If you or your place of business are planning to upgrade your current system and find that you have spare units, we would be glad to take them off your hands. We could use PC's, monitors, speakers, or even parts like hard drives, modems, video cards, mother boards, RAM chips, etc. We can use the parts to build other computers stone-soup style. We are also looking to network our systems so materials for this would also be welcome.

Speaking of soup, we have decided to participate in the Campbell's Soup Labels for Education program. The number of labels required to get any merchandise for the school is mind numbing but unlike the cereal box tops, the labels don't expire. This means we don't have to try to get 400,000 labels by the end of March. That would be nice however, so please save your Campbell's Soup labels for us. There are other eligible products besides soup so we will put a complete list on the web site. You can drop them off, mail them in, or call us to send a tractor trailer over to haul them away.


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