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      Bus Shelter Mural

Our bus shelter mural, "Commuter Lizards Take Flight", was the result of a brainstorming session with the entire group. We then combined several of the ideas into a single fantasy theme.

Each child and their teacher produced sketches for the mural. We chose our favorites and copied them onto the mural boards. Each of us painted our own lizards and cars. Our goal was to create something that would be an asset to our neighborhood and would make people smile.

"I thought that doing the mural was fun because I love painting. I love the idea of a bus shelter mural because it will be entertaining to the people that sit there and wait for the bus."
- Laurel (artist, age 8)

"I think that the flying lizards theme is cool and funny because lizards don't fly at all!"
- A.J. (artist, age 6)

"I think the mural will make Kirkland a little brighter and more entertaining for people."
- Victoria (artist, age 8)

"I think that the mural is, on the whole, very good and eye-catching. I think that a mural can provide good inspiration for other young artists."
- Rowan (artist, age 10)

The students at Springhurst are a creative bunch and enjoying painting and drawing and inventing stories. We hope to have the opportunity to make another mural some day. We also hope that our mural will make an favorable impression on you, our viewer.
- Seth Leary (teacher, age 34)


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