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      Student Projects

Welcome to our projects! We hope that you will enjoy them. Unless otherwise specified, they are in HTML and viewable in your web browser.

PowerPoint Presentations

      Frogs, by A.J.
      Rocks, Minerals, & Fossils, by Alexander, A.J., and Jacob
Board Games

      UFO Game, by Laurel
      Sea Life, by Victoria
      Geology Quest, by Jacob, A.J., and Alexander

      Rockets, by Laurel
      Hovercraft, by Rowan
      Cats, by Victoria
      Databases, by Laurel
Murals & Artwork

      Bus Shelter - Flying Lizards, 2000
      Mural - Rainforest, 1999
      Mural - Outer Space, 1998
      Mural - Under The Sea, 1998
      Amphorae, 2000

      Cinemagic, 1999

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