Seth! Leary • Springhurst founder and director, Seth! Leary, has been teaching our Rocket Launch! class since 1997. This was the same year that he founded Springhurst, which operated until 2002 as a school for gifted children. During the years that the school was in operation, Seth! was also the classroom teacher. Seth! holds a BFA from the University of Illinois in Art Education. He has worked as an educator of children and adults since 1987. Seth! and his wife, Erin, have three children.

The Springhurst Project is an extention of the original Springhurst idea and functions as a developer of educational programs. When it first opened as a school, Springhurst was located in the Leary home in Kirkland. From there it moved to a location on 124th Avenue in Kirkland. Now that The Springhurst Project is not offering full-time programs, it is relocated to the Leary home and classes are held there.


Rocket Launch!

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