WeatherBug is the Web's only source for LIVE neighborhood weather conditions, personal forecasts, automatic storm warnings and alerts, weather cam images, radar pictures and more. Get local weather information when you want it - right on your PC desktop! All for FREE!

WeatherBug connects to more than 4,000 automated weather reporting stations that make up the AWS Worldwide School WeatherNet Program. Once Springhurst has an AirWatch System, our weather data will be featured live on every WeatherBug in our community. AWS School WeatherNet is the largest weather station network in the world!

Earn Up to $2,000 for Springhurst with Bug Bucks!

Welcome to "Bug Bucks" - the unique fund-raising program for schools offered exclusively by AWS, Inc. and WeatherBug.

Bug Bucks are easy to collect and can be redeemed for valuable discounts on the AirWatch System and InstaCam, Educational Software, training and more. Best of all, there is nothing for you to buy! Helping Springhurst is completely FREE!

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